Henry Elkus: Founder & CEO of Helena

Henry Elkus is Founder and CEO of Helena. He cares immensely about creating systems that can be leveraged to enact global, scalable, and systemic change.

Outside of Helena, Henry serves as Social Entrepreneur in Residence at The Boston Consulting Group and a Special Advisor to the Berggruen Institute. He also was named to the 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

At 18, Henry became the youngest panelist on the Wall Street Journal’s online “experts” panel on small business. Until 2014, Henry competed internationally as a ski racer.

Henry left Yale University after his sophomore year to operate Helena full time.


As a byproduct of his work at Helena, Henry developed a passion and hobby of collecting book recommendations from the Helena community, then documenting each book as he finishes them one-by-one.

Click here to take a look at what he’s reading. (Instagram page: @elklist)