A group of remarkable people focused on implementing solutions to societal challenges

Helena Members are global leaders in their fields. They span generations, disciplines, viewpoints and geographies.

Helena Members

Helena enacts solutions to global problems. To do this, we work with a small group of exceptional people called Helena Members.

The members represent Helena’s core ability to analyze global trends and problems, source and develop potential solutions to those problems, and implement those solutions.

Members have developed the ideas for projects, they have led projects, funded them, advised them, and more.

Through the Helena membership, we hope to create a bold, diverse and effective social institution that not only represents a better future society, but helps shape it.

What Makes a Helena Member?

Helena Members are among the world’s best in their chosen field; four-star generals, Fortune 100 executives, Nobel laureates, artificial intelligence experts, Academy Award winners, Olympic athletes, global NGO leaders, explorers, activists, and more.

The Members are first-principle, objective thinkers committed to addressing societal problems. We place a special emphasis on identifying members who play a role in the most crucial movements, technologies, and domains that will shape the next 50 years.

How the Membership Operates

The membership functions as a dynamic, unconventional community.

Helena convenes the members in different combinations consistently, throughout the year and around the world.

The majority of these interactions are small and targeted “Helena Meetings.” In the meetings, members aid each others’ work, share insights, data, technologies, and notes, and often respectfully and vigorously clash between differing viewpoints.

The members bring to Helena and the rest of the membership community the unique assets they represent. Some members represent financial capital, and utilize it effectively to help enact projects. Some represent social or political capital, some represent lived experience and expertise, and some represent technological or scientific prowess. Nearly all represent a diverse combination of these traits, and contribute them voluntarily to projects and actions that they find compelling.