Converting ideas into reality

Helena operates projects around the world. The projects have one goal: to identify solutions to global problems and implement them.

Helena Projects are individual efforts to address societal problems.

The purpose of Helena is to search the world for solutions to global problems, analyze these potential solutions to figure out whether they should be implemented, then actually implement them via the most efficient and effective method possible. Helena Projects are how we do this.

Each Helena Project is an individual and custom effort. Our role is to use whatever methods, resources and strategies are the most effective way to achieve the goals of the project. 

In order to execute Helena Projects, we have created, led and funded projects in their entity, conducted original and/or internal research, utilized original content and earned media to tell a project’s story, worked internationally to convene and coordinate stakeholders in business, academia and politics, and joined forces with or acquired existing organizations.

In cases in which the most effective strategy to implement a project requires action from the business community and capital markets, Helena has invested in or created businesses, formed strategic joint ventures or utilized project-specific operators to aid in an existing business’ growth trajectory. In cases in which the most effective strategy to implement a project requires non-profit, educational or legislative action, Helena has led non-profit projects across multiple disciplines, ranging from electrical grid security to deliberative democracy polling.

We are both field and method agnostic. When considering whether to take a project on, our sole consideration is whether the solution works and whether Helena has the ability to implement it in a constructive and unique way. 

We are influenced by a project’s expected impact, feasibility and relevance to pressing global issues of the next 50 years, irrespective of whether the project differs from past efforts, norms, or proves our assumptions wrong. 

The Helena Membership is core resource for how Helena Projects are implemented. Alongside Helena’s team, Helena Members have developed the ideas for projects, they have led projects, funded them, advised them, and much more. Member involvement in Helena Projects is highly dynamic and case-by-case. In the same way that each Helena Project is viewed as a custom and unique effort, why and how Helena Members become part of them is similarly distinctive. 

This model — in which a highly diverse group of effective leaders is organized around a rigorous search for solutions to critical problems without a preconceived agenda — is a core differentiating factor of Helena.

More Projects

Helena’s purpose is to implement solutions to global problems through the most effective methods, resources and strategies available for each unique effort. 

In some cases, the best way for us to make a difference is to dedicate a major portion of our resources to a given project — whether that is creating and leading a project entirely and/or utilizing significant operational, financial or temporal commitment to implement a solution. Projects that fit this general description are listed above.

In some cases, Helena’s involvement with an effort is still significant, from operational and/or financial involvement to advisory, strategic or domain-specific implementation, but amounts to Helena fitting in through a comparatively more diversified approach. These projects are listed below.