A New Breed Of Organization

Meeting critical challenges of today and tomorrow

We believe the most consequential decisions, threats, and opportunities humanity has ever faced will take place during the next 50 years. Helena’s purpose is to find solutions to these challenges and implement them through projects.

The Helena Projects we lead and support are not biased by field or methodology. Our focus is to implement solutions in the most effective way possible, from non-profit and legislative efforts, for-profit investments and business creation, to the development of new movements and technologies.

To do this — from discovering and developing new ideas to analyzing, funding and operating them as projects — Helena works with an exceptional group of people called Helena Members.

The Helena Membership is a vibrant community of some of the world’s most capable leaders, ranging from Nobel Prize-winning scientists and activists to artists, technologists, explorers, business leaders and more. Beyond advancing individual projects, the members meet around the world and across disciplines to share ideas through Helena meetings.

Helena sells no products, offers no services, and partners with external organizations only to implement projects. We’re based in Los Angeles and New York City, with a global membership.

Proactive versus reactive.