The world is experiencing a critical shortage of medical supplies due to a breakdown in coordination and an exponential surge in demand.


To fight back, Helena is purchasing and routing tens of millions of these vital supplies to the hospitals and medical systems most in need.

COVID-19 Response

United StatesMarch 2020

Live Project: This Page Will be Updated As New Updates Occur

Project Overview

Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 2020

Due to a breakdown in coordination and exponential surges in demand, critical supplies like masks, gloves, face shields, trucks of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and diagnostics are not getting to hospitals in time, leading to significant and unnecessary loss of life. This problem has reached unprecedented scale.

Stuck in the supply chain, many of these items are being purchased by profiteers and resold at vast markups, or they are being diverted away from the areas of most urgent need. People will die as a result.

To address this, ​Helena is racing profiteers to these supplies and buying them ​ourselves​ ​before they fall into the wrong hands.

We are transferring these supplies at cost to the most affected hospitals and health systems.

In the first 48 hours of operations, Helena raised nearly $17m for this effort, with that total now nearly $20m.

Helena has already secured access to, purchased, and moved (at cost) more than fifteen million masks, gloves, wipes, ventilators and, soon, point-of-care diagnostic tests where they are being transported to hospitals most at need across the United States. We aim for that number to move into the hundreds of millions of supplies during the next few weeks.


Project Update: The COVID Network

A Platform for COVID-19 Responders

April/May 2020

During the month of April 2020, Helena has ramped up its efforts to purchase, triage, and route over ten million of units of personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals across the United States.

As the project continues to grow, we have begun a second, simultaneous effort; Helena has built and launched a software platform to enable COVID responders to find the areas of greatest medical need in real time.

The platform is called The Covid Network. It can be found at

The COVID Network is a free, online platform that connects two essential groups: those who most need PPE and other essential medical supplies, and those who have it. To do so, the Network shows real-time and predicted needs from hospitals, together with important context on the spread of COVID, local poverty and comorbidity levels, and more.

The platform allows hospitals and medical workers across the United States to directly request their most up-to-date needs for PPE. Aid responders, through the platform, are enabled to find, then directly respond to, these requests.

The platform’s MVP (minimum viable product) was built at breakneck speed — in 60 hours — by a San Francisco based Helena team led by Member Will Jack, Simon Hewat (former AI at Tesla Motors) and Rochelle Shen (former Palantir Strategy and Data Science).




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