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Jeff Brooks


Jeff Brooks is the Director of America in One Room and Project Operator at Helena.

Jeff is an avid policy wonk and tech entrepreneur who has spent his career solving pressing public policy issues through technological and organizational innovation.

Jeff is Founder and former COO of Mapware, a geospatial intelligence and AI software company supporting environmental and infrastructure analysis missions for the DOD. Mapware’s UAS 3D modeling technology was an awardee of the US Air Force’s first-ever Strategic Finance Increase (STRATFI) program, a highly-selective tech innovation program reserved for critical technologies that advance national security. At Mapware, Jeff led Operations and Government Relations, which included on-the-ground deployments for disaster response in the US. Mapware won honorable mention in the Social Good category for Fast Company’s Innovation by Design awards in 2018.

Prior to Mapware, Jeff was a Policy Advisor in the Office of Budget, Planning, and Policy in the Office of the Governor of Texas, primarily covering the state’s $250B budget, as well as Veteran and Military Affairs, Education, and Infrastructure.

Jeff holds a Master in Public Policy from Pepperdine University and a BA in Economics and East Asian Studies from Villanova University.