Evan Davison Kotler


Evan Davison-Kotler is a member of the Helena Foundation’s Biosecurity team, bringing his expertise in biomedical engineering and regenerative medicine to the organization.

Currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Toronto, he is working on epigenetic modulation and CRISPR activation technology in treatments for connective tissue disorders such as degenerative disc disease.

Evan has international experience in the field, having contributed to projects in engineered cartilage at the University of Basel and artificial skin development at University College London. At Biossil, Evan drove innovation in drug repurposing through AI-leveraged analytics. He also served as a Venture Innovation Fellow at Lumira Ventures, a specialty venture capital firm where he advised on life sciences investments.

Outside of research and business, Evan is deeply committed to social impact, especially in the refugee space. At the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, he leveraged his leadership and organizational skills to mobilize resources and drive private sponsorship of refugees in Canada, resulting in the resettling of several families in rural Nova Scotia.