Cassandra Sanford-Rosenthal

Senior Advisor, Content

Cassandra Sanford-Rosenthal is a Senior Advisor at Helena.

Cassandra is also the CEO of Blackacre Entertainment. As CEO, she develops and produces documentaries, narrative feature films and television. Past projects of Blackacre Entertainment include screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, United Nations, Human Rights Watch Film Festival and Blackacre has been awarded notable grants such as the Tribeca Gucci Grant and Abigail Disney Fork Films Grant.

Growing up between the East and the West, Cassandra witnessed firsthand the scope of issues that affect communities throughout the world and the shared humanity that unites all of us. She is a strategist with a number of foundations that work on issues ranging from women’s rights, human trafficking, education, and underprivileged communities providing them resources needed to strengthen and act on their own behalf. These experiences have shown Cassandra the importance of combining the work a foundation does and the value of the dissemination of its message to a wider audience. Cassandra is excited to be bringing her knowledge of film, story and philanthropy by building a platform where the mission, initiatives, and solutions of Helena can be accessed globally.

Cassandra Sanford-Rosenthal