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Energizing government.

Robert Hertzberg is the current Majority Leader of the California State Senate, the former Speaker of the California State House of Representatives, and an international entrepreneur.

Often called the “energizer bunny,” Hertzberg’s carrier has been packed with accomplishments and opportunities. As a lawyer for 37 years, he worked on some of the most interesting issues of our day. As a community activist, he partnered with dozens of important organizations, and as Speaker of the California State Assembly from 2000 to 2002, he worked on building new schools, community college and university buildings, Cal Grants, common sense public safety legislation, and election reform. As an entrepreneur, Hertzberg has broken ground in the green tech sector on a global basis. One of the companies he co-founded won the Wall Street Journal Award for Innovation in 2005; he was recognized by UK’s Guardian Magazine as one of the “50 People Who Could Save The Planet”; and one of his companies won the World Bank Award for Lighting Africa for a project in Rwanda.

The Los Angeles Times said this about Bob Hertzberg: “He is a high-velocity wonk; he loves BIG ideas and will flesh out every one of them if you give him a chance.” The Daily News has said: Hertzberg “has a relentless dedication and indefatigable energy – he has a reputation for integrity and perseverance.” In 2009, Mr. Hertzberg was named to replace Leon Panetta, as Co- Chair of California Forward, where he served until October 2012. He then went on to be one of the founders of The Think Long Committee of California.

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