Lyn Stoler is a Project Director at Helena. 

Lyn focuses on initiatives in public health. As an immigrant whose studies and work have taken her around the world, Lyn is passionate about bringing her multidisciplinary background and international experience to understanding health on the global level at Helena. Her work at Helena aims to promote the long-term accessibility and sustainability of wellbeing and healthcare. To address these goals, she is currently leadings projects on affordable drug development, sustainable healthcare finance, value based payment, and social determinants of health. 

Prior to Helena, Lyn worked in public health through the nonprofit and government sectors, specifically targeted at food security. Lyn was the youngest member of the Board of Directors of End World Hunger 2030, a pioneer Food Security Coordinator at the Suitcase Clinic at the University of California Berkeley, and a policy advocate for the California Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. She has worked in the Fernald Lab, and focuses on globalization and its effects on public health and nutrition, particularly in developing regions.

Lyn completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California Berkeley in Global Poverty and Practice and Molecular and Cell Biology. She also earned a Master of Public Health at UC Berkeley. 

Outside of work, Lyn can often be found at the farmer’s market or cooking. In her spare time, she enjoys road cycling and swimming.