William Jack

Best known for building a nuclear fusion reactor in his basement at the age of 16, William Jack is a 23-year-old entrepreneur, plasma physicist and venture capitalist.


Will is currently the CEO of Remedy, which uses artificial intelligence to make basic healthcare available at an unprecedented quality and price. He also works as a data analytics consultant to Fortune 500 companies and professional sports franchises.

Previously, Will developed communications systems for SpaceX’s internet satellite project, and worked at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab on its lithium tokamak experiment. An Ohio native, Will spent much of his childhood using the nuclear reactions generated by his basement particle collider to investigate novel methods of medical imaging.

Will invests as a Venture Partner at Alsop Louie Partners, and independently as an angel. His investment interests are in hard technology, specifically spaceflight, imaging, and genomics. He also invests in companies which use technology to modernize large, antiquated industries like trucking and agriculture. Will has spoken about his work in various venues internationally.

William Jack

Will Jack Delivering a Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Talk