Richard Browning

Richard Browning is the founder and CEO of Gravity, the human propulsion startup behind the Iron Man-esque Daedalus flight suit.

Richard Browning

Richard Browning and Helena Energy Director Duncan Preston

Richard Browning in gravity suit

Richard Browning and Tom Cruise

An ultra-marathon runner, an ex-Royal Marine reservist, ex-City Commodity Trader and a pioneering inventor, Richard’s dream was to create an entirely new form of human flight. Leaning on an elegant collaboration of mind and body augmented by leading-edge technology, Gravity has to date been experienced by over a billion people globally with video views alone running at more than 60m within 7 days of launch.

Richard’s vision is to build Gravity into a world-class aeronautical engineering business, challenge perceived boundaries in human aviation, and inspire a generation to dare ask ‘What If?’



Richard Browning at TED 2017.