Nikhil Buduma


Nikhil Buduma is a 22-year-old scientist, author, and entrepreneur. He specializes in deep learning artificial intelligence and healthcare.

Nikhil Buduma at MIT

Nikhil is co-founder and Chief Scientist of Remedy, which uses artificial intelligence to make basic healthcare available at an unprecedented quality and price. Laying the foundation with primary care, Nikhil envisions a world where personalized, effective healthcare is universal and affordable.

While enrolled at MIT, Nikhil co-founded the national non-profit organization Lean On Me, an anonymous peer support network for improving mental health and wellness on college campuses across the world. He now sits on the board, leading the expansion of the platform into other schools. Nikhil was a member of the distributed machine learning group at MIT, where he invented novel methods for deploying powerful artificial intelligence algorithms at scale.

Nikhil graduated from MIT at the age of 20 with a degree in computer science and engineering. He the author of an introductory deep-learning textbook titled ‘Fundamentals of Deep Learning: Designing Next-Generation Machine Intelligence Algorithms’, and has consulted for numerous technology and finance companies (FitbitSumo Logic, etc.), on infrastructure, data, and machine learning strategy.

Nikhil began studying university-level mathematics at San Jose and Stanford at age 13. Two years later, he became the managing scientist of a university drug discovery laboratory, building low-cost platforms to bootstrap biotechnology research in developing nations. Before completing his high school education, he also contributed to the design of the whooping cough vaccine and was awarded two gold medals at the International Biology Olympiad.