John R. Seydel

John Rutherford Seydel III (John R.) is the Director of Sustainability for the City of Atlanta.

A recent graduate from the University of Denver where he studied political science, business, and communications. As the eldest of Ted Turner’s grandchildren, he is also the first grandchild to be a Trustee on the Turner Foundation. With a passion for politics, John R. spent time during his undergraduate years being involved with the campaigns of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and former Senator Mark Udall’s campaign in Colorado during his undergrad.

Driven by his passion for social entrepreneurship, John R. founded The Revolution Nation Network, the first active, civic engagement media company. Revolution Nation helps to turn passive media viewers into active, engaged citizens who hold their representatives accountable when they are actually creating legislation instead of just during election time by connecting citizens directly to all city, state, and federal representatives on the issues the citizen is passionate about through targeted news and video content. Seydel’s motto in life is the same as his Family’s Foundation, “Save Everything.”