Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier is a 23-year-old two-time GRAMMY winning singer, composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in London.


He is regarded as one of the most creative and innovative musicians of his generation.

Jacob first rose to popularity through the virality of his homemade, multi-track YouTube videos. Collier’s musical style fuses a variety of genres spanning from jazz to electronic to folk music, and often features extreme use of re-harmonization. His impressive interpretations of popular songs attracted legendary fans in the Jazz community, including Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, and Take 6, to name a few.

Jacob’s debut album, In My Room, which was recorded, composed and produced entirely by Jacob at his home in London, was released in July 2016. The album topped Jazz charts, was well received critically, and won him two GRAMMYs.

In collaboration with Ben Bloomberg of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jacob has designed and built a revolutionary one-man live performance vehicle that brings his multi-instrumental, multi-visual format to the stage. After witnessing the initial run of the show, The Guardian heralded Collier as “Jazz’s New Messiah.” Jazzwise magazine dubbed him “The Future of Music.” Jacob was invited to perform and speak at the 2017 TED Talk conference in Vancouver, to give further insight on the inner workings of his unique production.

Today, Jacob is touring the world, arranging commissioned work for orchestras and bands, teaching Masterclasses, working on creating emotional musical technology, and collaborating internationally with musicians of all shapes and sizes. In 2015, Jacob arranged and recorded the soundtrack to Beats by Dre’s Rugby World Cup “The Game Starts Here” campaign. In 2017, Jacob was asked to reinvent Samsung’s “Over the Horizon” theme for the release of the new Samsung Galaxy 8/8S. Most recently, Jacob recorded some music for the score of DreamWorks’ latest animated film, “Boss Baby”, with legendary film composer Hans Zimmer.

Jacob Collier at TED 2017.

Jacob Collier